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Duke Having Trouble Filling 'Cameron Crazies'

Nov 13, 2007 – 2:10 AM
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Shiloh Carder

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You read that right. Apparently, Duke is having problems with empty seats in their student section ... aka the "Cameron Crazies".
"The attendance last year was pathetic in terms of fan support, and that's something we're trying to rectify this year," said Roberto Bazzani, a Duke senior who serves as head line monitor.

"It was minimal at first, and then last year, it was a dramatic decrease," Bazzani said. "Last year, you could walk in 15 minutes after tipoff and still get great seats."

Could it be the 22-11 season that scared some away? That is weak if true. Yet, according to the article, over half of the Blue Devils' home games saw empty seats in the student section.
Even men's coach Mike Krzyzewski is worried by the empty seats. "I get letters from people saying, 'How can I get in?' I said, 'Well, just come,'" Krzyzewski said. "I'm sure there are a lot of undergrads who feel they can't get in. So how do we tackle that?"

It is amazing that they can't get that place filled. Duke has a notoriously rabid fan base and you'd think that students would run at a chance at sitting amongst the Crazies, no matter who the opponent is.

So, Duke is doing the ol' online deal. Instead of having students camp out for tickets, the university will make them available online. Students can get a reservation for a seat in the section ... and the camping out will still be there for students who want better seats. However, students won't have to miss classes or their normal life by living in Krzyzewski-ville, the tent village that students live in waiting for tickets.

Duke will still keep the tradition of Krzyzewski-ville for the games against North Carolina and Maryland.

Cameron Indoor Stadium seats 9,314 people, with 1,200 seats available for students only.

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