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Mawae: Young Still Needs to Learn the Titans Offense

Jan 10, 2008 – 7:38 AM
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JJ Cooper

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Remember all the controversy over Vince Young's first Wonderlic score, well Kevin Mawae may have just reopened that can of worms.

Talking on a Nashville sports talk show, the Titans center questioned whether Young knows the playbook well enough to run the offense effectively. To quote from KFMac70, who summarized Mawae's comments on the Titans' official message board:
Mawae was very outspoken, as usual, but in these comments noted that much of the Titans problems on offense centered on Young's lack of progression to develop as a thinker in the huddle and also seems to very seriously question his grasp of an NFL offense.

Mawae noted that Vince wants to win more than anyone on the team, but that he believed that he could do it on ability alone and that in this league, the talent gap is closed by the thinkers of the game and the intelligence of the players.

Mawae said that Young often called the wrong plays with the wrong formations, or when he did call the wrong play and caught it, he was confused as to what to do and didn't call timeout, resulting in a busted play. Mawae said he also questioned the fact that the Titans had so many young players in the huddle that rarely did one of them step up and correct a wrong play call (as Wycheck noted that Eddie and he used to do that to Steve when he messed up).
We're relying on a second-hand summarization here, so it's possible that Mawae's comments may have been a little softer than that, but it does seem to explain some of the Titans offensive problems. There's also the question of whether Mawae should be making those comments publicly. But it's possible to understand why Mawae might be speaking out. He doesn't have many seasons left in what's been a long career. If Young isn't spending enough time in the film room, speaking out might be a way to spur him to put in more hours.

So apparently there are two big things for the to-do list this offseason. The Titans need to get Young some help by improving the receiver corps, but Young needs to work harder to learn the offense.
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