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Cheaters Feel Cheated: Patriots Fans Want Final 1:40 of Super Bowl XLII Investigated

Feb 9, 2008 – 1:10 PM
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In a humorously ironic twist, fans of the New England Patriots are demanding that the NFL investigate the final 1:40 of Super Bowl XLII because -- get this -- they feel cheated.

And no, this is not a joke.

According to the disgruntled Patriots fan who created the original petition on, the game clock should not have stopped following Brandon Jacobs' fourth-and-one plunge and thus, the game should have ended on the sack of Eli Manning with 50 seconds remaining.

This fan, and the other 7,815 (and counting) who have apparently signed this ridiculous petition, were obviously too busy crying in their beer to realize that it was an administrative time-out. The referees were determining whether or not to measure the spot -- something that requires a clocks-stoppage under NFL rules. Once the first down was determined without a measurement, the clock was wound and continued to run.

If anything, using the fan's logic, this petition proves that New England shouldn't have had 35 seconds left on their next possession. If anything, they should have had 29 seconds or less.

But hey, what can you expect from fans who say they love their team at 18-0 and then claim they were bored to tears during the greatest Super Bowl of all time?
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