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Pence Jumped Through a Plate Glass Window

Feb 19, 2008 – 3:10 PM
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Matt Watson

Matt Watson %BloggerTitle%

Hunter PenceBaseball has a long history of wacky injuries, both real (Sammy Sosa landing on the DL after a big sneeze) and imagined (sadly, the story of John Smoltz burning himself with an iron is just an urban legend). Add another one to the list: Astros outfielder Hunter Pence will miss about a week after suffering cuts all over his body when he jumped through a glass sliding door. From the Houston Chronicle:
"It's pretty silly to have this kind of freak accident happen," he said. "I didn't really think I would go through a glass door. Normally it wouldn't shatter. But somehow it shattered and I was in the middle of a bunch of broken glass. ...I was actually very fortunate because none of the glass was stuck into my wounds."

Pence said he was preparing to go into a hot tub with a friend outside his apartment when he decided to go to the bathroom first. At that point, he had left the door open. Before he headed back, though, he said his friend had shut it.
When I hear of someone falling through a glass window, the first thing I think of is someone being tossed out of a bar onto a dusty road like they did in old Western flicks. But Pence's explanation is just strange enough to be true -- I've actually seen people make that same mistake (minus the shattered glass, that is). He was lucky to avoid cuts to any arteries, tendons or things like that. He's wearing a bulky knee brace for the time being, but that's just because he required stitches and needs to keep his leg straight for a week so the skin can heal.
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