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Page Six Says There's a Tape of Tom Brady and Gisele BŁndchen 'Hooking Up'

Mar 7, 2008 – 11:44 AM
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Ryan Wilson

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The always reliable (reliably interesting, anyways) New York Post gossip page reports that the mother of all celebrity hook-up videos may be a reality.

In news that's sure to upset all of New England, Tom Brady has once again been spotted in New York City, this time in a restaurant wine cellar. Boring, right? Well, would it be more interesting if Tom Brady was in a restaurant wine cellar with girlfriend Gisele Bündchen purportedly making mad monkey love?

Oh, to be young, filthy rich, blindingly handsome and really, really horny (You can skip the local news banter and get to the good stuff at the :50 mark):

First of all, Sienna Miller's famous? When did that happen?

Second, it's worth noting, probably in all caps, that a spokesperson from the restaurant INSISTS THAT THE TAPES FROM THE SECURITY CAMERA ARE RECORDED OFF-SITE AND NO RESTAURANT EMPLOYEES HAVE ACCESS TO THEM.

I suppose this means the rumors likely aren't true. Don't worry, though; the fine folks at the Inside Track are already speculating when we can all expect to see the tape on the internets. Thank God for freedom of the press.

On the upside, there are no reports of Brady wearing a Yankees hat during the alleged subterranean making of whoopee.

Hat tip: Shutdown Corner
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