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Spurs at Suns: 3rd Quarter Live Blog

Mar 9, 2008 – 4:47 PM
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Brett Pollakoff

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- Can Tim Duncan contain Shaq in the second half? We'll find out soon enough. Meanwhile, the studio guys said that Shaq has three "double-doubles" since joining the Suns. That seems kinda low to me, you'd think he would have put down at least 10 of those by now.

- And we're back. A blogger's gotta eat, that In-N-Out link made me hungry.

- Yes, that was a bad call, because Nash just jumped straight into Bowen. But you can't tell me Bowen didn't deserve it.

- Suns WAY aggressive right now, Amare to the line. Again, weird substitutions from SA because they're playing their bench against PHX's starters. Amare goes one of two, 53-52 Suns.

- Nash's 11th assist goes to Shaq for a dunk. Tough call on Amare there with the loose ball foul, that's his fourth.

- Next time Duncan wants to pass to Kurt Thomas, I bet he won't. Shaq with the hustle play, but a brick from Raja nets nothing out of it all for the Suns.

- Shaq doing his best acting job there, diving (needlessly) into the stands. We know you're trying now, Big Fella, no need to take out some fans attempting to prove it.

- Seeing the replay, it's even more of a ridiculous jump into the crowd. Pat Riley and the Heat are now gouging their eyes out. Suns up 57-54.

- Wow, the first shot of Eva halfway through the third. Damn, I had the under. Parker shaken up, but he appears to be fine now.

- Duncan defended well initially by Shaq, and Diaw with great help and the block. But Duncan gathers it and goes at Shaq again, this time getting the call.

- Udoka goes U-choke-a after he gets a perfect pass from Parker. Fast break extends the Suns lead to 61-55, but should be more considering the Spurs are shooting just 3-17 in the third quarter.

- Is it just me, or do the Suns' three-point shooters (Bell and Barbosa) not seem that scary this year? Seems like they miss those daggers that they hit so often the last couple of seasons.

- See? Suns are 1-10 from downtown this afternoon.

- Insane lay-in from Parker. Guess the ankle's okay. Suns lead 65-59, just over two minutes to go in the third.

- Barbosa continues to look absolutely awful. When he and Diaw are on the floor instead of Shaq and Amare, the Suns are getting killed. Nash sits the rest of the period and Shaq returns.

- Nice lay-in from Diaw puts the Suns back up two, before Parker draws the D and kicks to Bowen for a wide open three. Spurs lead 70-69 after three, despite their poor shooting. Let's go here to see who can win this thing.
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