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Wait - Maybe Andrew Bynum Will Be Back Before the Playoffs Begin

Mar 20, 2008 – 11:32 AM
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Will Brinson

Will Brinson %BloggerTitle%

Just days after the Los Angeles Lakers said that Andrew Bynum would likely only be able to return to the team after the postseason started, they are flipping that opinion. Apparently, he's going to be ready to play about six games prior to the playoffs actually starting. So, I guess, um, thanks for being kind of honest?
Bynum could now return two weeks from Sunday, Jackson said, which would give him up to six games with the Lakers before playoffs.

'I threw that out there [Tuesday] to kind of take everything off the table,' Jackson said. 'We're [now] saying it was three weeks as of [last] Sunday. It would give him a week -- four games, three games.'

Or more.

The team initially said Bynum would miss at least eight weeks, although Jackson said Wednesday that '12 weeks was kind of like that outside parameter.'
Ah, well then. My bad. Forget that mini-rant I went off on about the Lakers not fully reporting Bynum's injury. It's my own fault for not realizing, through the mystical zen powers that inhabit my brain, 12 weeks was just an outside parameter. I suppose I should have also known that we were going to just lob/throw out random dates which may or may not be accurate at all.

And I'm sorry for being overly snarky and angry sounding at this whole thing, but as I explained before, I really do feel misled on this whole Bynum injury thing. While I understand that professional coaches aren't in the business of giving out free and honest injury details, and maybe I was being naively optimistic because I wanted Bynum back for my own selfish purposes, but once the Gasol trade went down, what's the harm in letting everyone know that things are going a little slower than originally though.

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