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Broncos' Brandon Marshall Admits McDonald's Wrapper Did Not Cause Arm Injury

Mar 24, 2008 – 7:32 PM
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Michael David Smith

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Yesterday I noted a report from Adam Schefter of NFL Network that said Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall had suffered an arm injury after he slipped on a McDonald's wrapper and put his hand through a TV screen. And I expressed skepticism about that report, because it just sounded too weird, and because athletes don't have a great track record for truthfulness about off-field injuries.

Well, today, Schefter is reporting that Marshall has admitted that the injury was not, in fact, caused by a slip on a McDonald's wrapper. What Marshall actually says is that although the part about putting his arm through the TV is true, he actually did it in an accident while wrestling with family members.

It's not clear why Marshall would lie about it, but it is clear that this is a serious injury: Schefter reports that Marshall severed an artery and a vein, damaged a nerve in his right forearm and cut tendons to five muscles. He needed surgery to have his tendons and artery sutured back together and it will be three months before he has recovered.

The injury isn't likely to jeopardize Marshall's season: He should be completely healed by the start of training camp in July. But it's going to be a long, painful recovery. I'm guessing that was the last wrestling match of Marshall's life.
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