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Murray Chass Bought Out; Hates Bloggers

Apr 3, 2008 – 8:36 PM
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Eamonn Brennan

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The Big Lead reported today that longtime New York Times baseball columnist Murray Chass is taking an involuntary buyout, which is almost entirely sad. It's a tough dawn in the newspaper industry; buyouts for older staffers are a regrettable, if suddenly inevitable, fact of life, but that doesn't make them any more appealing.

So here's where, normally, I'd rip on Murray Chass for being closeminded and silly, and for letting his column quality drift dramatically in recent years, but in the solemn spirit of the hour, there's no use dancing on the -- WHAT! Murray Chass said WHAT?:
"I hate bloggers." "Worst development in media business, anyone can be a blogger." "No credentials required, just spouting off their opinions." "Our wives could go on and do it if they wanted to." "I know they're not going away but I wish they did."
Oh, Murray. Murray Murray Murray. Perhaps you just needed to vent, but its that attitude -- that refusal to change, that insistence that all the news value in the world belonged in column inches and newsprint -- that's what got you canned, dude. (I won't go in to all the reasons Murray's wrong, not least of which because bloggers do exactly what he does but in a different f----- format. F---.) It's too late to change now, of course, but maybe give it a shot? Eh, Murray?

No? Whatever then. Enjoy the golf, you miserable old stodge.
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