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The Dugout: Take Your Shirt Off

Apr 14, 2008 – 1:40 AM
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Nick Dallamora

Nick Dallamora %BloggerTitle%

I'm as sick of this story as you are, but seriously. I'm supposed to play on Dmitri Young being fat again or some other BS instead of this? I'm not any happier than you, but the deed must be done.

SO THEY FOUND THE GD SHIRT. Great. Does this mean that the curse of David Ortiz is lifted? By now we've all seen how terrible he's been playing, so where's the real harm in leaving it there? If anything it might've sent him into

I'm not even going to say it.

Hank gets his jersey out of the foundation after the jump.

The Dugout

**Online Host** Welcome to New Yankee Stadium Chat!
BossJr: It's here somewhere, damnit! Find it!
laborer: It's in the clubhouse foundation, right? That's a lot of work to undo.
BossJr: You think I'm going to sit back and let some no good Red Sux jersey rot this stadium from the inside out? Find it now!
laborer: Ok, if you say so.
**Online Host** 5 hours pass...
BossJr: Well? Did you find it?
laborer: Yep, we found it alright. Here you go.
BossJr: God, it's even uglier than I imagined. And where's the creativity? David Ortiz? They might as well have stuck an old Nomar jersey in there. Why didn't they use any of the guys I liked?
laborer: You've liked Red Sox players?
BossJr: Sure. Mark Bellhorn, Lee Tinsley, Luis Rivera. The good ol' boys.
laborer: Oh, I almost forgot to mention that we found a lot of other stuff in the foundation while we were looking for that jersey.
BossJr: Oh? Like what?
laborer: Well, oddly enough we found a chest filled with 2 million dollars.
BossJr: Ah yes. We had that put there so we could say we spent more on this dump than it's actually worth. It's good business, you wouldn't understand.
laborer: Of course, sir. We also found a dozen iPods and a Playstation 3.
BossJr: Again, good business yadda yadda. What else?
laborer: Steve Sax' half-decayed corpse?
BossJr: Kid had the yips. Thought that'd cure him.
laborer: He cured his Steve Blass disease in the late 80's. And he's been retired for over a decade.
BossJr: More like Steve Sux.

laborer: Sure, I guess.

I assume you don't know anything about the items in this box.

BossJr: Lemme see.

What? No, I don't even know what I'm looking at. This looks like a foot-long bullet. And what the hell is this thing? A bullwhip?


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