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Manny Ramirez Wants a Gold Glove

May 12, 2008 – 2:50 PM
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Josh Alper

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It's widely accepted that the one part of baseball not adequately covered by statistics is fielding. There are a ton of metrics out there but none has established itself as the gold standard for evaluating a player's skill. One thing they all agree on, though, is that Manny Ramirez is heading to the Hall of Fame because of his bat and not because of his glove.

Well, almost all of them agree on it. The Manny Ramirez Model of Fielding Excellence has a different finding. Ramirez thinks he's the best left fielder in Red Sox history and long overdue for a Gold Glove.
"Why not?" he said. "If Kevin Youkilis can win one, why can't I? I only made two errors last year. Put a good word in for me."
If the Gold Glove was an award for sheer entertainment value, Manny would have a dozen of them by now. Alas, the awards are supposed to be for fielding excellence. I know, I know, Rafael Palmeiro and Derek Jeter have won them but two wrongs do not make a winning argument for Manny.

They should come up with some kind of award for that throw he cut off in the outfield, though. After 100 years it's tough to do something in baseball that no one has ever seen, or even conceived, before.
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