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Buster Posey Played All Nine Fielding Positions ... In One Game

May 13, 2008 – 12:18 AM
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Will Brinson

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College athletics are fun because you always see players being ridiculously versatile. But Buster Posey, a Florida State baseball player (what position I have no idea to attach here), took things to a whole new level last night. He played all nine fielding positions. In one game.
Posey started the game at catcher and played every infield position from the second to the fifth inning. He made the move to first base in the second, played second base in the third, shifted over to shortstop in the fourth and completed the rotation playing third base in the fifth. The Leesburg, Ga., native made his first collegiate appearance in the outfield in the sixth as he started in left field to begin the inning and shifted over to center with two outs. He the moved to the mound in the seventh and struck out both batters that he faced before moving to right field for the final out of the inning
The craziest thing is that he's the fourth freaking player in the Mike Martin's history to do so. And the last since he Martin forced his son into bouncing around the diamond. Actually, I assume he didn't actually "force" his son, but I just like to perpetuate the stereotype idea I have of baseball coaches (especially in this case -- I'm picturing a diamond version of Bobby Bowden) and their sons.

Now clearly, that's not an insult to Martin because Bowden is nearly beyond reproach in terms of coaching skill, but it's still fun to imagine. And yes, I totally added Posey to my fantasy team last night. Dude has mad positional versatility.

H/T: The Piler
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