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Attractive Olympian: Cuban Baseball Player Yulieski Gourriel

May 19, 2008 – 9:45 AM
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Matt Ufford

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Olympic athletes often don't get paid to do anything other than look good. In that vein, Attractive Olympians handicaps which athletes may rake in endorsement deals after the Olympics.

Major League Baseball scouts have salivated over infielder Yulieski Gourriel ever since he joined the Cuban national team in 2003. All he's done since then is lead Cuba to Baseball World Cup championships in 2003 and 2005 (hitting 8 home runs in 11 games in the latter), a gold medal at the Athens Olympics, and a second-place finish at the World Baseball Classic.

Despite all the international travel and the millions of dollars he could make with MLB, Gourriel has so far refused to defect, even refuting an ESPN report that he had done so in 2006.

But can the man with more talent than Derek Jeter pull more talent than Derek Jeter? Let's turn it over to the populace. After the jump, weigh more evidence and vote in the FanHouse Attractive Olympian poll.
Ladies, feel free to compare his "form" to Derek Jeter's ... (Psst - I'm talking about his buttocks)

Breaking Down the Basics

Age 23
Real age No seriously, he's actually 23
Eyes Flinty
Skin Cafe con leche
Then Communist scum
Now Trapped by a dictatorship
Reason for not defecting Dedicated to the revolution
Real reason They'll kill his family if he leaves

Presentation of Medals

*When judging, assume that Gold suggests a future a of Calvin Klein underwear-level of endorsements, and Bronze points toward appearances in local circulars.

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