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USC Found No Problems With Guillory-Mayo, but Did Not Want to See Anything

May 21, 2008 – 11:07 PM
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Chas Rich

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I'm trying to figure out what USC's defense is at this point if this is really the Trojans' argument to the NCAA regarding Rodney Guillory.
USC intends to tell the NCAA it knew of no wrongdoing involving O.J. Mayo and banned his mentor, Rodney Guillory, from receiving tickets as an illustration of its attempt to prevent the basketball star from receiving any improper benefits, according to sources.
So... they knew of nothing that out of the ordinary. Yet, they banned O.J. Mayo's "mentor" from getting tickets to show how there was nothing strange going on with Mayo and Guillory.

Apparently the ban was just for tickets to the games themselves.
But there remain some questions to this defense. Guillory was frequently seen in the basketball offices and also around the locker room, and regularly attended pickup games at the Galen Center when Mayo played last summer.
To say nothing of the fact that it was Guillory who showed up at Tim Floyd's office at the Galen Center with the news that O.J. Mayo was willing to come to USC.

All this seems to indicate is that USC was well aware of Guillory's history and was bad news. A big potential risk for the school. Yet, their approach was to try and eliminate any obvious appearances of anything going on. That, and to make sure if anything did happen, it happened away from the court so they could have plausible deniability.
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