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Young Now Says He Never Wanted to Quit

May 30, 2008 – 7:39 AM
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JJ Cooper

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On second thought, Vince Young says that he never really thought about retiring.

In an interview with the Tennessean on Thursday, one week after Young told an reporter that he thought about hanging it up after his rookie season, Young said that while the pressures of being a quarterback are pretty intense, he never really planned to quit.
"I was never going to quit football,'' Young said. "Football, that is my pride and joy, it is my dream. I am playing my dream. And I don't plan on giving that up any time soon.''
But at the same time, Young didn't say that he was misquoted in last week's story, when he said that he thought long and hard about retiring. Now he's saying that everything had been "blown out of proportion." It seems that the pressure and constant attention that came with being the Titans' star made for a tough adjustment.
"When you retire, a lot of stuff goes away, people calling you and asking you for things. Some people say things about you that you don't like, and a lot of that stuff was killing me inside,'' Young said. "I am trying to be a role model and be a good citizen and have fun with my friends. Things were so fuzzy (that) I could hardly see through it all.''
If the attention of being an NFL quarterback and all the media attention in Nashville was almost too much for Young, consider how fortunate he is to not have been drafted by the Eagles, Jets or Giants. In Nashville there is one main paper, an alternative weekly, a couple of TV stations and a few radio stations covering the team. In New York, Young's life would be scrutinized from many more angles.

But it seems that Young has developed some coping mechanisms. He went on a trip to Europe with teammate Keith Bulluck, and he's now focused on winning three or four Super Bowls, then retiring.

Now if the team could just get him a couple of wide receivers to help reduce his stress level a little more.
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