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Horry to NBA: I'm Smarter Than 98% of You

Jun 1, 2008 – 1:05 PM
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Tom Ziller

Tom Ziller %BloggerTitle%

Many terms describe Robert Horry: a winner, experienced, old. Big Shot Bob would add another: genius.
"I think that if I stick around I'm still better than a lot of players," Horry said. "I might not be as fast as a lot of them or as quick. But I'm smarter than probably about 98 percent of the league."
Is this closer to commendable or detestable? I mean, he does say '98%' when the more common reference to near certainty would be '99%' -- there's a serious chance Horry, or his Spurs assistant coaches, have actually tested the aptitude of every player in the league, and found that Bob actually ranks in the 98th percentile. These are just facts.

Of course, there's the dirty likelihood Horry actually means he is smarter than 99% of the league, but is such a brilliant linguist that he wants to avoid the '99%' cliche, and thus cites '98%' on the spot. Show-off.

Regardless, there were about 450 fellows who played some NBA minutes this year. Horry assets only nine players are smarter than he. Any guesses as to whom?

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