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Craphonso! Jaguars Add Former Colt Receiver

Jun 2, 2008 – 1:00 PM
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David J. Warner

David J. Warner %BloggerTitle%

NFL teams love sigining discarded players from division rivals, if for no other reason than to pick their brains -- which ends up being all they ever do with those players most of the time. After all, there's a reason those players were dscarded in the first place. Still, insight into an opponent's playbook is always valuable, so NFL teams will keep looking for free agents who have that.

This is the primary reason why former Indianapolis Colts receiver Craphonso Thorpe (Craphonso!) signed a deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars last weekend. The Jags probably aren't all that interested in him as a receiver, even if he probably could play better than Matt Jones. They just want to know a little more about the inner workings of the Colts' pass-heavy offense, and who better to tell them about it than a former Colt receiver?

I suspect there's a pretty slim chance that Thorpe will make the final cut. This particular story seems more likely to end with either a practice squad offer or a nice big "injury settlement check" that will leave other teams free to give him a shot. Still, if Craphonso! can help the Jags can get a leg up on their AFC South rivals, it's worth a shot, right?
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