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Brand's Reason: Baby, or His Agent's Grudge?

Jul 10, 2008 – 1:05 AM
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Tom Ziller

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Everything remains a quiz in Elton Brand's unbelievable departure from the Clippers. Until resolution arrives, theories will continue to pop up. Like this, scouted at by Hardwood Paroxysm:
There has been talk of a possible move east since last season because the former All-Star and his wife, Shahara, are expecting their first child in the fall. It would allow the couple to be closer to family.
Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski (via CSTB) remains on the trail of Brand's agent, David Falk.
Negotiations had stalled, management had grown uneasy, fearful of Falk's influence and the Clips coach brought the franchise's case directly to Brand. After all these years, the most famous agent of all was back in the game, back on the big stage, back with basketball waiting on his next move.

"From that point on," one NBA GM said, "Falk was going to do everything he could to screw the Clippers."
Wojnarowski's sources (all team executives) and prose push this as an ego thing, as Falk showing he can again dominate the game. This is not a point I feel suited (or compelled) to argue. But do we want to believe Brand would really allow himself to be played in a grudge? Falk has been good to Brand. But few current players have been pegged with the 'decency' and 'brains' tags as often as Brand. It's hard to square that impression with the suggestion Brand let his agent carry out a grudge with so much on the line.
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