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Jason Peter Wants To "Spit In Lou Holtz's ****-ing Face"

Jul 11, 2008 – 1:08 PM
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Brian Cook

Brian Cook %BloggerTitle%

Over the course of the past year or two, Lou Holtz has morphed from a lispy old coach who left every team he directed on probation into college football's wacky old uncle. He did this with magic tricks, mostly, and now everyone loves him.

Except former Nebraska star Jason Peter, that is:
"I still wouldn't turn down the opportunity to spit in Lou Holtz's (bleeping) face ... Each Saturday in the fall when Holtz makes his jovial, dumb ... remarks on ESPN, I hope he knows that there's at least one family on the other side of the screen, the Peter family, that knows what a -- -- -- he really is."
Anyone with even the slightest skills at expletive inferral knows what "bleeping" is, but the three sets of double en dashes are mysterious, aren't they? This is fun. I would like to know what those are as long as I don't have to buy Peter's book, which is about his heroic triumph over a bunch of drugs.

Why is the Peter family so anti-Holtz? Peter relates that his younger brother was a highly touted offensive lineman who committed to Notre Dame shortly before he broke a vertebra in his neck. Holtz never called or visited, though two Notre Dame assistants did, and in the fall Damien was "frozen out, ignored, discarded" by Holtz and company.

IMO: weak sauce. Probably hyped up to sell books.

(Via the Wiz.)
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