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Danica Patrick vs. Milka Duno Catfight Video: "It's Not My Fault You're Slow!"

Jul 21, 2008 – 11:30 AM
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Geoffrey Miller

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While I know it isn't NASCAR, it's still fun to watch two female drivers in the IRL IndyCar Series get after it. As we talked about Saturday, Danica Patrick and Milka Duno had a bit of tiff on pit lane after practice for Sunday's race at Mid-Ohio.

Today, we've got the video. Finally.

In the flick, you'll get to see what led to the confrontation on pit road between Danica and Milka. Judge for yourself, but to me I can understand fully why Danica would be so ticked.

Danica initially vents about the incident to her team, and later, she decides to head down pit road to find out whether or not Milka actually saw her. That, my friends, is when the action gets fun.

Danica brings the words, Milka brings the towel. Cha-Ching!

Click the link below to check out the video.

I'm trying to pick the best line of the entire confrontation and I keep going back to the bomb that Danica dropped with "It's not my fault you're slow!"

The brutal honesty in that statement is just awesome.

Duno is nothing short of a rolling road block in the series (she finished 23rd on Sunday, 6 laps down) and in the video above when they showed the two drivers on track, it was very apparent that Milka was either 1) blocking Danica intentionally or 2) running out of talent by not looking in her mirrors.

So was Danica right to be mad? You bet.

Danica, as I see it, was the only driver in that situation acting like a professional. She didn't grab anyone, didn't start yelling, and didn't act like Milka.

She should have slapped back, especially after Duno throw the towel in her face not once, but twice. At that point though, that video turns a little painful as Danica launches into full whine mode. With the high-pitched "What the hell?" and the "I just want to talk to her", Danica loses her case right there.

Have no fear though, as Danica brings it right back on Milka (after Duno repeatedly tells Danica to leave) with the "How am I [going to pass you] when we're in the f***ing corner and you cut down?"

You go Danica, break out the big girl words!

If I'm Danica (I'm not, I kind of lack racing ability and good looks), I'm either throwing a water bottle at Milka's face at that point, jumping over the wall, or breaking something in the pit area. Instead, she just walked away calmly -- hopefully to plot revenge.

We can only hope, right?
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