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PuckToons: Ducks Extend Grumpy Coach

Jul 24, 2008 – 2:00 PM
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Earl Sleek

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Every Thursday, Earl Sleek will conspire with his pen and scanner to bring you another installment of PuckToons. Hopefully you will find these amusing, relevant, well-drawn, or you're a person who is tolerant towards mediocrity.

The Anaheim Ducks announced a two year extension for head coach Randy Carlyle yesterday, though the OC Register Ducks blog notes that the documents were actually signed seven weeks ago. Carlyle has been the head coach for the Ducks the past three seasons under GM Brian Burke, and has quickly become the most successful coach in the team's history, qualifying for the postseason each year and leading the Ducks to their first Stanley Cup Championship in 2007.

Over at Battle of California, I wrote a post about Carlyle's extension and noted that I have some difficulty expressing the strategic nuances that have made him successful. Still, there's one aspect I can appreciate: Carlyle's constantly grumpy expression. Smiles certainly don't come naturally to the former Norris Trophy winner, and considering the team's success, perhaps that stern countenance contributes to his players' performance.

However he gets his results, I am excited as a Ducks fan for two more years of Carlyle's frowns. Stay grumpy, dude.
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