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Kellen Clemens Is Playing Right Into Brett Favre's Hands

Jul 31, 2008 – 2:09 AM
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Will Brinson

Will Brinson %BloggerTitle%

Remember a long time ago when Jets fans yelled things and told Kellen Clemens that they might prefer the services of one Brett Favre? Yeah, it wasn't that long ago really. But, while there are no more heavily reported "FAV-RUH!" calls, Clemens is still out there, busting his tail and throwing interceptions. From the Jets Stream:
It wouldn't be a training camp practice without an interception by Kellen Clemens, who tossed his sixth pick in nine practices. Yeesh! This one came on the final play. He was throwing to Brad Smith, who ran an in-cut of about 12 yards, I'd say. From the outset, you could see something was unusual about the pass coverage and, sure enough, it was a 'new defense that we hadn't seen,' as Clemens later explained. The cornerback, Drew Coleman, dropped into a zone and played the inside route, which is 'something you usually don't see,' Clemens said. He threw it right to Coleman for the interception.

I don't think Clemens was trying to create an alibi for his mistake, but the bottom line is, quarterbacks see new defensive schemes all the time. The experienced quarterbacks know how to adjust on the fly.
I think that whole 'new defense' thing works -- maybe -- for a rookie with no experience. But Clemens has started enough games at this point to kind of lose that old chestnut. Especially when we're talking about training camp.

I don't think I'm allowed to use the phrase for what he would do to his bedsheets should he see a fresh defense in a real game right now but you see what I'm going for here.

Of course, none of that might matter since it also appears that Chad Pennington is still practicing with the first team, because well, this is training camp. And while Snyds seems to think Eric Mangini goes with the vet, I think the Jets would be better off letting Broadway Joe slap the ball down the field with a wet spaghetti noodle for four quarters than underusing the offense like that.

Or they could just save everyone from future pain and go ahead and trade for Brett Favre. Please. Aaron Rodgers and five more years of psychological scarring / therapy are begging you.
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