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Erin Andrews Thinks Mike Nadel's Criticism of Her at the Cubs Game Is 'Really Sad'

Aug 2, 2008 – 7:15 PM
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Will Brinson

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Mike Nadel was highly critical of Erin Andrews in a recent column entitled "Blonde bombshell can't distract red-hot Cubs". Nadel essentially called Andrews out for her outfit (which was "designed to accentuate her, um, positives") and her behavior around the athletes (touching Alfonso Soriano's bicep), as well as the athletes behavior towards her (Lou Piniella asking her if she was "on a modeling assignment").

Piniella was asking in a joking and complimentary manner, but there was nothing funny nor nice about Nadel's column. Michael Rand (Randball!) caught up with Andrews to get her thoughts on his column and she was not impressed.
"I think my overall reaction is that it's really sad that in 2008 ... I have people watching every single move I make," Andrews said. "When there's a big game between the Cubs and Brewers going on, it's sad that that's what their focus is on. ... And the last thing I had heard is that when you want to do a story on someone, you contact them."
Frankly, I tend to agree with Andrews. But only in the sense that Nadel had no business attacking her personally with his column, especially without even speaking with her. Even though, according to his interview with Deadspin, he did not intend to do that (but rather to attack the "Erin Andrewsness" going on the world today), it still came off that way.

Now, to examine the other side of the coin, Andrews mentions that many of these athletes look at her like "a daughter". Um, no. I am not buying that. Not that I believe Sweet Lou is trying to hit on Andrews, but I refuse to believe that all of these professional athletes are just buddy-buddy-buddy with EA and thinking strictly platonic thoughts.

So, in that sense Nadel is kind of right on. The problem is that there's no real black and white answer to this debate. ESPN abuses Andrews to a degree by giving her as much attention as possible. Andrews is an attractive woman -- albeit very good at what she does professionally -- who wears clothes that occasionally accentuate her looks (although, in fairness, I find her to be a pretty conservative dresser). And players probably treat her more courteously because she's attractive.

It is, unfortunately, how the world works a lot of the time. Neither Nadel or Andrews are 100% right or wrong. The nice thing about the little blog-war level tiff is that at least we get the issue shoved right in our collective face to actually discuss it -- because it certainly merits at least that.
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