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Phelps Destroys 400 IM World Record

Aug 9, 2008 – 10:44 PM
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JJ Cooper

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Michael Phelps just passed his first test in amazing fashion.

The 400 IM is Phelps' baby, an event he hasn't lost in six years, so it's no surprise that he won the gold. But even with all of that, it was shocking to see how easily he blew away the field, with Ryan Lochte and Hungary's Lazlo Cseh straining to try to keep up.

Phelps exploded on the last turn, to the point where he actually slid into the final wall on his back looking up to see the time, and still broke his own world record by a second and a half.

Phelps 4:03.84 was four seconds better than his own Olympic record he had set earlier this meet.

It's a disappointment for Lochte, who swam slower than he did at the U.S. Olympic Trials. Lochte matched Phelps through the first 200 meters, but he ran out of gas in the final 200 meters, allowing Cseh to nab the silver medal.

Phelps' next even on his quest for Mark Spitz record of eight golds is the the 4X100 meter relay tomorrow night (on NBC at 11:26 p.m. ET), assuming that the U.S. men qualify, which is about as likely as their being some smog in Beijing over the next two weeks.
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