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Bronson Arroyo Is Fairly Certain the World Revolves Around Himself

Aug 12, 2008 – 7:16 PM
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Pat Lackey

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Six weeks ago, Bronson Arroyo was telling anyone that would listen that if the Reds were really thinking about trading him, his giant contract, and his diminishing skills that they were doomed to failure forever. Today, reporters in Cincy went to get his opinion on the Adam Dunn trade. Kind of surprisingly, he's not upset. Unsurprisingly, the reason why has to do with himself:

"A little bit because it came after the deadline. But he was going to be moved no matter what. I don't know if he told (the media) but he made it was no secret to us that he was looking for $100 to $120 million contract. I don't think this franchise is going to give out that kind of contract."

Arroyo said he is not, however, worried about the direction of the club.

"As long as they keep the pitching staff in tact, I think we'll be OK because I think Dusty (Baker) has enough pull to get them to go out and sign some hitters. If we had a real young manager, I'd be worried."

Let's get this straight, Arroyo was convinced that getting rid of his awful 2-year/$25 million extension would be a sign of doom for the Reds, but trading one of the best power hitters in the major leagues is OK because he wanted too much money. And it's OK partially because Dusty Baker has enough pull to go out and "sign some hitters," but mostly because "they keep the pitching staff intact." As in, they didn't trade him, his 23 homers allowed, his 5.44 ERA, and his 1.51 WHIP.

Also, $120 million for Adam Dunn? Does anyone actually believe that?
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