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Bart Scott Can Hold a Grudge for at Least Nine Months, Still Mad at Hines Ward

Aug 13, 2008 – 9:39 AM
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Ryan Wilson

Ryan Wilson %BloggerTitle%

Don't let the histrionics fool you; Bart Scott's a smart dude. But he makes his living bringing down steroid-addled muscle-bound running backs and receivers so he has an image to uphold.

And getting destroyed by the NFL's best blocking wideout -- who also happens to play for the hated Steelers -- doesn't do much for the perception that he's a badass Ravens linebacker. You see, that's what happened during the Nov. 2007 get-together between Baltimore and Pittsburgh -- Hines Ward laid Scott out with a vicious (but legal) downfield block.

Surprisingly, Scott was unimpressed. In fact, he allegedly threatened to kill Ward after the game.

Well, here we are, nine months later, and Scott, like the mighty Africa/Asian elephant (your choice), has not forgotten ... that Ward laid his ass out. When asked if retribution was still coming, he responded, "I never forget ... So, we shall see." Told ya.
Inquiring minds wanted to know if Scott, who'd threatened on the field to "kill" Ward, would follow through on his vow to "find him and make sure I take the most violent shot I can take."

"That was about eight weeks ago," Scott said. "I don't have long-term memory. That is a defect I was born with; only short-term. You never noticed I wear a wristband on my hand? That's so I can remember the plays."
Oh, so he's like those elephants with the awesome short-term memory? Got it.

Whatever, I suspect Ward isn't losing much sleep over all this. For starters, he's got bigger issues to worry about -- namely, watching out for teammates trying to disable him. Plus, it's not like Scott hasn't gotten his money's worth against the Steelers.
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