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A Reality Show to Fix Barkley's Golf Swing?

Aug 14, 2008 – 11:31 AM
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Shane Bacon

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In your wildest, reality television dreams, could you have ever envisioned something so perfect, so beautiful, so divine and so, ummm, jerky?

Charles Barkley, the world's most lovable hacker, will begin filming a reality television show in two weeks for The Golf Channel to fix his swing. No, seriously, just read the sentence again, it's like if Spring Break and Labor Day had a kid.

Barkley will be working with Tiger Woods' swing coach and swoosh supporter Hank Haney in hopes to make his swing look a lot less like a Tornado on acid.

The goal: "Fix Charles Barkley's swing,'' says Sir Charles, who took Woods' suggestion and called Haney. "It's some ugly (stuff), isn't it? It's not only terrible, it's embarrassing.''

"I was telling Hank (Tuesday) that when I'm standing over the ball, I'm (expletive deleted) terrified. I have no idea what's going to happen. He told me he used to have the yips, but not as bad as me. That's what makes me think he can fix what's wrong.''

As excited as I am to DVR this thing, just because Barkley would make a funeral entertaining, I'm really not sure you can fix this. Or this. Or this.

The only way this could get better is if Barkley could convince Vegas to make how many shots he can cut from his score an option in the Sports Book. If Haney can fix this, I'm writing him in on my November ballot.

H/t to both Game On! and Awful Announcing
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