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Jeremy Roenick: Budding Thespian

Aug 22, 2008 – 1:15 PM
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Jes Golbez

Jes Golbez %BloggerTitle%

Jeremy Roenick has been one of the game's greatest characters throughout his stories career, so is it any surprise that he'd want to continue being a character after his playing days are done?

While I think Roenick would be awesome as a color commentator or studio guy, it seems that he's got his mind on other outlets for his need for public adoration: Professional Acting.

After previous bit appearances on Hack and Ghost Whisperer, Roenick will continue to develop his thespian skills with a small role in a new series called Leverage.
"Leverage," which debuts in December, stars Academy Award-winner Timothy Hutton as he leads a highly-skilled team of thieves, hackers and grifters who act as modern-day Robin Hoods.

"I'm pretty proud that's [Roenick's scene] the first scene of the series opener," Roenick said. "I play a security guard who gets duped by a woman. I have five, six or seven lines."

"I'm not nervous at all," Roenick said. "The tricky part is finding the right roles and to look natural. You've got to get the mannerisms and facial expressions down. If you're too stiff, you're not believable. The best actors are the most believable. They completely change their personality. My role is smaller, but it's still difficult."

Yes, it helps to have friends in high places, and Roenick has "leveraged" his connections to get him these roles.

And if the acting career doesn't take off, perhaps JR ought to try out for Dancing With the Stars!
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