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Shawne Merriman Says His PCL Injury Could Be 'Career Threatening' If He Plays

Aug 24, 2008 – 9:35 PM
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Will Brinson

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So, there's been plenty of talk about the woes of Shawne Merriman; he has a PCL injury and it's much worse than we originally thought. Not good news for either him or the Chargers.

Turns out though, that it might actually be worse than we could even have imagined before.
"It could be career-threatening if I did (play)," Merriman said. "It's a possibility. That possibility is still open."

A course of action has not been decided. Merriman, who will consult with a doctor in Miami early next week before making a decision, has been told reconstructive surgery would sideline him for the entire 2008 season. Another option is a less-invasive surgery that would allow him to play at some point in the season.
Quite the conundrum for the Pro-Bowler, especially considering the Chargers are considered strong contenders for the Super Bowl this year. (It's also interesting to hear that quote -- is the "career ending" part open or is it the playing that's open? I think the former, but I digress.)

Does Merriman play and attempt to help the Chargers head to the Super Bowl as is now? That notion seems pretty foolish, considering the strong, strong risk for an early, and worse, injury. What seems likely to me is that he opts for the less invasive surgery referenced above and tries to return around mid-to-late season and help give the Chargers a playoff push.

The smart thing is to just miss 2008 and make sure not to tank the rest of his career, but with the Chargers in a division that they should win pretty handily, it's certainly viable for Merriman to be thinking immediate future rather than long-term as he examines his options.
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