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Broward County Tells FanHouse 'Chad Ocho Cinco' Is Official

Aug 29, 2008 – 10:55 AM
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Will Brinson

Will Brinson %BloggerTitle%

There were swirling rumors late last night and this morning that Chad Johnson's name change -- as first reported by MDS at PFT -- actually happened. ESPN's James Walker kind of relayed the story via 1790 the Ticket, and that's the hot item on Ballhype but I'm here to tell you, folks, we are now living in the same world as Chad Ocho Cinco.

Per my conversation with the Broward County Clerk of Superior Court this morning, the name change for "Chad Johnson" that was filed on August 8, 2008 became official on August 28, 2008, meaning that you better jump all over your shop now, before the "Chad Ocho Cinco" name actually becomes a fully licensed NFL product.

Seriously. We need Darren Rovell on this one to find out just out much Chad, the NFL and the Bengals stand to make off of apparel sales; I'm of the opinion that if Chad Ocho Cinco (annoyingly long but it will never get old) has a huge season, then he's going to sell a ton of merchandise.

Assuming of course that Roger Goodell doesn't storm the Broward Courthouse and force them to change the name back.
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