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Vince Young Has a History of Being Really, Really Sensitive to Criticism

Sep 14, 2008 – 10:07 AM
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Ryan Wilson

Ryan Wilson %BloggerTitle%

And the Vince Young news gets weirder/sadder. This morning I pointed out that Titans head coach Jeff Fisher took issue with some of the reports surrounding Young's behavior following the Titans-Jaguars game, and he refuted many of the allegations through ESPN's Chris Mortensen.

Still, no one disputes that Young was depressed -- or, at the very least, very upset -- following his performance last Sunday, one that included two picks, an MCL strain and plenty of boos from the home crowd. Today, the NFL Network's Adam Schefter reports that this isn't the first time the Titans have had to deal with a dispirited, depressed and oversensitive Vince Young:
"There's a lot we don't know about Vince Young, but now there's more and more that we do know. We do know that in last season's wild-card loss to the Chargers, Young had a similar circumstance to the one he experienced during the opener.

He went in at halftime and basically had to be persuaded to go back out onto the field to play again against San Diego in the second half of that game -- very similar to the opener when he wanted to take himself out of the game.

You go back to his rookie year, they were scheduled to play the Philadelphia Eagles, and he missed a flight to Philadelphia. At that time, he acted as if it was the Titans fault that they left him behind, rather than it being his fault that he was late for the flight. He had to be persuaded to come to Philadelphia. He wanted the Titans to go on without him.

I think we have seen that Vince Young is really very vulnerable to criticism; he doesn't take to it very well like other NFL players ... I think there are some people who still think he's going to quit, others who think he will bounce back from this. But there are big questions about Vince Young moving forward.
In-studio analyst Marshall Faulk makes a good point: Young has never had to face criticism in his high school and college career, and this is something entirely new for him. I can't argue with that, but there are 31 other starting NFL quarterbacks (okay, 30, I'm pretty sure J.T. O'Sullivan has been getting razzed most of his professional life) who've had to deal with the same adversity.

Who knows what the future holds for Young, but, first things first: here's to hoping he gets help, gets his life together, and then decide whether he really wants to play football.
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