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Why Fire Ned Yost Now?

Sep 15, 2008 – 8:16 PM
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Pat Lackey

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Baseball is a very bizarre sport. It's a sport full of accepted norms and unwritten rules that are counter intuitive to success, but they're followed because, "it's how things have always been done." Imagine yourself as the CEO of a business with an inept manager running one of your branches right before a crucial stretch for the company. Would you hesitate to fire that manager? Of course not. And yet somehow, when the Brewers make a similar decision with Ned Yost today it's "drastic" and "desperate" (and yes, I'm as guilty of using those words as anyone).

Instead of considering that nothing like this has happened in recent baseball memory, let's view this move through a different lens. The Brewers were sinking fast, having lost a 5 1/2 game lead in 13 games. With 12 games to go, there seemed to be almost no hope of them playing a game better than the Phillies to snag the wild card. After the collapse was complete and the season over, Ned Yost would have almost certainly been fired in short order. Why wait? If you can do something about a bad situation, don't you have to do it?

The bottom line on Yost is that he's a bad manager. His in-game decisions are questionable at best and it seems to me, from reading between the lines of quotes, that Ryan Braun has either called him out or gone right over his head in public twice this year (one and two). Throw in his insane whinings about the CC Sabathia one-hitter and you've got an all-out distraction for a team making a pennant run. It seems crazy that the Brewers fired him with 12 games left, but I think it's crazier that they waited this long.
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