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George Brett's Defecation Story Explained

Sep 24, 2008 – 5:35 PM
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Matt Watson

Matt Watson %BloggerTitle%

George BrettWhen I first saw the now infamous video of George Brett talking (in far too much detail) about how frequently he defecates in his pants, my first reaction was pure and utter disgust. My second reaction was to think, "Wow, that's some pretty solid production quality. I wonder what this is from?" Now we know.

Jeffrey Flanagan reports on his blog for Kansas City Star that it was filmed several years ago by Metro Sports, a cable channel in Kansas City owned by Time Warner Cable. Flangan spoke with Damon Porter, Time Warner's director of public affairs:
Porter said he is not sure how the footage got out of the Metro Sports archives. "The matter is still under investigation by us," Porter said. "We are still trying to determine the person or persons responsible."

Time Warner also issued a statement indicating that the person or persons responsible for removing the footage from Metro Sports have violated copyright laws and are guilty of unauthorized use of company property.
Not surprisingly, the video has already been pulled from YouTube, but it's still floating around the internet if you look hard enough (hint, hint) -- just be careful not to watch it at work or anywhere else a little scat humor can't be appreciated.
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