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Mike Tomlin Wants NFL to Explain Why Hines Ward Was Fined $10K

Oct 14, 2008 – 5:46 PM
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Ryan Wilson

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Another week, another fine for Hines Ward, who now owes the league $10,000 for unnecessary roughness penalties in consecutive games against Ravens and Jaguars.

Neither incident elicited a flag, which isn't particularly noteworthy (players are fined weekly for on-field transgressions that officials might've overlooked during the game), but the fact that neither Ward nor head coach Mike Tomlin know why the Steelers receiver is a little lighter in the wallet is puzzling.
"I join [Ward] in being bewildered," Tomlin said today at his weekly news conference. "I intend to make a phone call to get some clarity." ...

A puzzled Ward said Monday he wants the league to explain to him what constitutes unnecessary roughness as part of the appeal he plans to make.

Ward has long been one of the best blocking wide receivers in the NFL and is known for his physical style of play.
Tomlin said today that he plans to get somebody from the NFL Gestapo on the horn to explain the fines, but he shouldn't hold his breath. As best I can tell, financial sanctions are handed down with all the certainty of a blind man throwing darts at a wall scribbled with random dollar amounts. Which is to say: it couldn't be more arbitrary if the league used a random number generator.

But as MDS points out, if Ward and Tomlin keep it up, they'll have more fines coming their way. Especially if dancing is somehow involved.
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