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Attracting the Big Prize: Different Ways to Lure in the Dominant Buck

Oct 16, 2008 – 3:55 AM
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Steve Franklin

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The leaves are beginning to fall, the weather is starting to cool, and hunters across the nation are starting to get the itch.

Deer season is fast approaching in most Northern states.

So how do you attract that big buck you've long sought? That prize kill to brag to all your friends about? Today, we'll explore the different calls that hunters use to attract the 'big one.'

The grunt call: When using a grunt tube you are trying to reproduce a communication sound that all deer make. Usually the deer makes a soft contact grunt to tell another deer "Hey come check this out". A heavier, louder grunt can be made by bucks when fighting over an estrus doe, or when fighting over their territorial rights. Most hunters use a grunt tube to try and bring in a dominant buck in the area. Be careful. The deer will move in looking and scent checking for the source of the noise. If he doesn't spot you or smell you, your chance at a buck just increased. You can also use the buck grunt to try and stop a buck that is moving through your shooting lanes, or to bring one in a little closer so that you can get a shot.

Rattling: Rattling is used when you are trying to reproduce the sound of bucks fighting. You can buy rattle bags or use an old set of horns to reproduce this sound. Buck fights heat up during times of the rut. Bucks often fight over a hot estrus doe or battle with each other over their home turf. When a hunter uses a rattle call it can bring in other deer in the area. Bucks will sometimes respond to it out of plain curiosity or dominance.

Deer decoys: Deer decoys are fake plastic deer that are often very lifelike. When used, other deer in the area tend to focus on the fake deer instead of the hunter. When combined with the scent of a doe in heat, the deer decoy is a very useful tool in landing the dominant buck.

Electronic calls: Most electronic calls come standard with all common deer sounds. The only problem with these are that they are outlawed in some areas. so be sure to check your local regulations.
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