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Delonte West Works to Eradicate His Demons

Oct 18, 2008 – 1:20 PM
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Tom Ziller

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Long a character in a league of characters, Delonte West has apparently spent his life battling depression and mood disorders. West's in the best position of his career: a key cog for a championship contender with a good contract. But depression doesn't listen to realist optimism.

Thankfully, West knows he needs help and the Cavs have been supportive. Mary Schmidt Boyer of the Cleveland Plain Dealer lets West explain.
"At this point in my life, you kind of hide behind the personality that's created by the fans or the media," he said. "But we're still people, too. Besides the fame and the finances, you still have to deal with emotional and family situations on a daily basis just like everybody else.

"In the gym, I've always found peace. At this age, I want to become more of a complete person off the court. At times, I struggle with that. So I feel stronger that I did seek help and I've got a plan of action for this year off the court. Some of that may include group sessions or inpatient time. If that helps me be the best basketball player that I can be, man, I'm all for it."
West is currently back with the team, which has a therapist on staff. Coach Mike Brown seems to understand the importance of West's mental health, and thank goodness for both player and team this has been addressed before it's too late. The success stories might be more muted than when things go wrong, but headlines don't mean a thing. Good luck to West in his quest to overcome the illness.
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