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Michael Vick Pleading Guilty to More Charges to Get Out of Jail Quicker

Oct 21, 2008 – 8:54 PM
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JJ Cooper

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Don't ask me to explain why this is the case, but Michael Vick is getting ready to plea guilty to state dogfighting charges because a guilty plea will help get him out of prison earlier.

Apparently to get into a halfway house and out of prison, Vick has to resolve any pending charges, which means he has to get the Virginia charges he's facing cleared up before he has any chance of getting out of Leavenworth. The Virginian-Pilot is reporting that Vick can plea bargain his current state charges (dogfighting and cruelty to animals) without having to face any additional jail time (even though each charges carries up to five years in prison).

By getting all this cleared up, Vick is clearing the way to petition to get back into the NFL for the 2009 season. He could be in a halfway house as early as January. And while he's in a halfway house, Vick could hold a job (like that of an NFL or Arena Football quarterback).

Once Vick gets out, the biggest thing standing in his way to get back to the NFL is Roger Goodell. Goodell has cracked down hard on players who get in trouble (just ask Pacman Jones), so it's hard to see him not slapping an additional suspension on a player who has pled guilty to multiple charges of dogfighting. But we're in relatively uncharted territory here--the Chris Henry's of the world have gotten into trouble multiple times, but no current NFL player has gone through two years in prison for a felony.

The next step after getting through a suspension will be to find a team who wants Vick. The Falcons have made it clear that they won't be that team, which is a smart move by Atlanta. It's hard to envision which team would be the one to face the protests and scoffing that will come with signing Vick, but then Pacman Jones found a team willing to take another chance on him.
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