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Ravens Have a Bounty on Hines Ward?

Oct 21, 2008 – 6:06 PM
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JJ Cooper

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Hines Ward found out on Tuesday that he won't be fined for his hit that ended Keith Rivers' season. He also found out that the Ravens have put a bounty on him when the two teams face off in December.

According to Pro Football Talk on the 2 Live Stews radio show, linebacker Terrell Suggs said that the Ravens have put a bounty on knocking out Ward. The bounty was on Ward for the team's first meeting earlier this year, but Ward made it through that game unscathed. Actually Bart Scott had told Ward he was going to kill him during that game in revenge for Ward's legal hit on Scott in 2007, but Ward put Scott on his butt again.

What will Ward's reaction be? Probably a laugh and a smile, since he's a master at avoiding the big hit.He's been one of the most hated wide receivers in the league for years, and he's had a bullseye on his jersey game after game. But even as he lays out defensive backs, linebackers and defensive ends, Ward manages to avoid defenders looking for his revenge. In his 11th year, he's only missed six games in his career, so it's not like teams have succeeded in getting too many good shots at him.

Ward has always managed to avoid the big hit while making plenty of big blocks. But since Suggs was nice enough to make the bounty public, he'll ensure that referees are well aware of any cheap shots at Ward in December. Having the bounty is one thing, but being dumb enough to announce it is sure to have the NFL watching Suggs and the Ravens defense closely.

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