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Jim Kelly Is Going to Do His Darndest to Save the Buffalo Bills From Certain Northern Extinction

Nov 3, 2008 – 5:34 PM
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Will Brinson

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The Buffalo Bills are in a pretty sticky situation -- they've always been owned by Ralph Wilson and, well, he's very old. Additionally, the NFL is slowly (and not very subtly) moving the team to Toronto.

So there's some good news on that front for Buffalonians (go with it -- it just sounds right) in that supposedly, Jim Kelly is interested in purchasing the team.
With the family of the only owner in Bills history already making it known that they won't keep the team after Ralph Wilson (now 90 years old) passes on, Peter King of NBC reports that Buffalo Hall of Famer quarterback Jim Kelly is trying to put a group together that would buy the team.

It's unclear whether Kelly's group would purchase the franchise in the short term, or whether the deal would wait until Mr. Wilson is playing pinochle with former U.S. President Woodrow Wilson.
The downside here is that obviously, Kelly would have to get this puppy locked up before Wilson died, otherwise it's first come, first serve + most money for figuring out who will get the team.

And that's mildly problematic in that right now, I'm willing to bet that people aren't gung ho about coughing up their hard earned cash to try and buy a football team. Also problematic: Wilson doesn't really have any interest in selling, if you believe what he says.

Still, it's an admirable effort at least, and I for one wish Kelly the best of luck in procuring the Bills. Although, I also will almost certainly wholeheartedly welcome our new Canadian overlords whenever they show up.
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