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FSU Players Brawlin' at the Student Union

Nov 13, 2008 – 11:25 AM
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Ryan Ferguson

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Several FSU wide receivers were allegedly involved in a brawl at the Student Union midday on Wednesday.

According to Florida State PD spokesman Major Jim Russell:
"It allegedly involved some members of the FSU football team and members of the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity," Russell said. "I would say it was a large crowd, 10 or more people... There were four people injured that we know of at this time, two male and two female students."
Since this was a public brawl, unofficial reports as to the nature of the fight have been filtering in ever since. Scully from Saurian Sagacity found two such reports, unattributed to the original source, but echoed by other, more impartial bloggers:
The alleged score that needed to be settled had to do with disrespecting Nigel Bradham's girlfriend, although I am pretty sure that whatever the Sigma said she deserved it (just my opinion though). Lots of punches thrown, mace was brought out, lots of new tenants for the local facility - both football players and frat guys. The players that were recognized in the midst of this melee were Carr, Surrency, Reed, and Easterling - apparently you don't want to mess with the Seminole receivers. There were more football players there but not all were recognized due to the melee.
Bobby Bowden's comments on the situation? Utterly predictable:

"The incident today, I really have no comment on it,'' FSU coach Bobby Bowden said following Wednesday night's practice. "The police will look into it and let us know what they think. That's all I've got to say about that.''

Always a shining example for program discipline, Bowden offered up one final gem.

When asked about the recent rash of suspensions -- four players have served one-game suspensions the past three games due to missing too many classes or for failing to fulfill other responsibilities -- the veteran FSU coach said:

"Well, that's America for you, isn't it.''

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