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Browns Players Stand Behind Romeo Crennel

Nov 25, 2008 – 5:20 PM
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Shane Bacon

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With news surfacing today that Romeo Crennel could be out of a job at the end of the season (I'll wait for you to regain the feeling in your knees), some of his players have defended the "head coach" even though, you know, he isn't very good.

Crennel has coached the Browns for four straight seasons, and has just one winning record (10-7 in 2007) to go along with two seasons where he combined to win 10 games (6-10 in '05, 4-12 in '04). This season, Crennel had basically the same personal but has won just four games thus far, with only one of those coming against a potential playoff team.

I guess you can disregard any of those pesky "stats" when talking about him as a coach, as his players don't want him gone.
"It's not the coach's fault," Shaun Smith said. "It's the player's fault. You can't say he's losing the locker room. We have to hold ourselves accountable."

"We are going to do everything we can to fight for Romeo," Sean Jones said. "We have to play as a team, because it's a team game."
While you have to love the commitment here by the players for Crennel, they are basically just saying the right things when it is obvious a coaching change is needed. Romeo decided to bench Derek Anderson three weeks ago for Brady Quinn, yet pulled the second-year quarterback this past week, making Boy Wonder a little peeved with the coach.

If that isn't enough, his group of players continue to fail at the simple tasks asked of professional football players, like catching the football if you're a receiver and, similarly, catching the football if you're a tight end.

From all we can see, Crennel seems like a great guy off the field and we would never knock him personally, but as a football coach he's stunk and needs to be replaced so the Browns can move on. That or they could keep him and continue to lead the league in staph infections. I wonder if there is a coaching bonus involved with that?
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