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Tony Kornheiser Strikes Again, Talks About Brett Favre More Than Anybody Else

Nov 25, 2008 – 1:40 PM
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Adam Gretz

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Sooner or later I'm going to get tired of this, but honestly, I just don't see it happening. Twice this year during Monday Night Football, I've taken on the daunting task of listening to every word that comes out of Tony Kornheiser's mouth, and tallying how many times he mentions certain players by name. It's a fun project, and it seems to get a warm reception around the Internet.

Having said that, last night's game between New Orleans and Green Bay was the perfect opportunity to tackle Kornheiser's shenanigans for a third time, seeing as how it involved the Packers, which would surely give everyone's least favorite broadcaster an excuse to talk about his favorite topic, Brett Favre. Despite the obvious fact that, you know, Favre would not be taking part in the game.

In today's Journal Sentinel, Bob Wolfley wrote about how Kornheiser was stuck on No. 4, and documented a rather hilarious confrontation in the booth, where Ron Jaworski called Kornheiser on his ridiculous claim that Aaron Rodgers is constantly battling some sort of Favre-demon every time he steps on the field.

As for the overall numbers, they're not surprising.

Throughout the course of the game, I kept track of how many times Kornheiser mentioned Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees by name. I chose these players for the obvious reasons: Rodgers and Brees were the starting quarterbacks (and very good starting quarterbacks) in the game, while Favre is always the first thing on Kornheiser's mind.

The final numbers?

Brett Favre: 18
Aaron Rodgers: 16
Drew Brees: 9

Incredible. It's also predictable, hilarious and, for the most part, kind of sad. Sad that one of the three announcers in the booth mentioned a guy not playing, by name, more than he referenced the two starting quarterbacks taking part.

Some Observations

1. In the first quarter, Kornheiser said the following: "Aaron Rodgers is playing well, but the Packers are not a better football team this year." While he didn't come right out and say it, he was, to me anyway, suggesting that Green Bay would be a better football team with Favre still on the roster. He made no mention of the fact the Packers defense has fallen from No. 2 in the NFL a year ago, all the way down to No. 17 this season, and at times -- last night included -- has taken a defense-optional approach to games.

2. Just prior to the 2-minute warning in the second quarter, Kornheiser mentioned Favre six times in less than a minute. It was almost as if he were attempting to construct a sentence using nothing but the word "Favre." He almost succeeded.

He did not mention Favre at all during the third quarter. However, when the game became an absolute blowout in the fourth quarter, he mentioned the former Packers quarterback, by name, seven times. During the same time period, he mentioned Brees, a guy actually playing in the game he was announcing, and perhaps the best quarterback in the NFL this season, zero times.

4. ESPN provided us with one graphic comparing Favre and Rodgers.

I admit, I always enjoyed Kornheiser's radio show, and his columns were always, in my mind, a must read. Somewhere along the line, however, he completely lost touch with reality.

Whether it's what he really believes, or if it's some sort of ESPN-driven agenda, the man is convinced that football fans around the country can't get enough of Favre and that he is the only person they want to hear about. He could not be more wrong.
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