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Snowblower Takes Out Sakic for Three Months

Dec 10, 2008 – 2:00 PM
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Bruce Ciskie

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According to HockeyBuzz, Joe Sakic is making $6 million this year.

Perhaps he'll now use some of that hard-earned cash to hire someone to snowblow his driveway.

The Avalanche announced Wednesday that Sakic will be out for around three months after surgery Tuesday. The surgery wasn't on his ailing back. Instead, Sakic apparently lost a courageous battle with a pesky snowblower at his home.

Yes, I said "snowblower".
(Sakic) suffered three broken fingers and tendon damage following an accident at his home involving a snow blower. Sakic underwent surgery with a local hand specialist, the team said. Sakic suffered the injury Tuesday afternoon at his home. Sakic was already on injured reserve with a herniated disc in his back before the snow blower accident.
Adrain Dater of The Denver Post updated his blog with more details about the accident. I'll share some of that with you after the jump.

Dater's blog now includes some quotes from Avalanche vice president Jean Martineau, who goes into a bit more detail about what happened to Sakic.
"Basically, it's a mistake. He's a 39-year-old adult who made a mistake," Martineau said.

"He put his hand where he should not have put it. He's, in a way, lucky. He'll have a full recovery."

Martineau said he visited Sakic in an unidentified hospital this morning, and that he was "very upset with himself."

"He's very, very mad at himself. I've never seen him like that, and I've known him for 21 years," Martineau said. "He knows he made a mistake."
Joe should try bookmarking this site. It's got some solid tips that could help avoid such an incident.

Huge blow for the Avalanche, though their offense does appear to be coming around. They hung a six-spot on the Kings Tuesday night in Denver.
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