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T.O. on Keyshawn, Emmitt: 'Those Two Need Their Own Show - Dumb and Dumber'

Dec 10, 2008 – 5:00 PM
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Ryan Wilson

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Terrell Owens and Keyshawn Johnson have a history of clowning each other that dates back to last season. Two months ago, T.O. took time out from complaining that he wasn't getting the ball enough to take a few shots at "Sheshawn." And then, last week, Johnson's ESPN colleague Emmitt Smith announced that the 2008 Cowboys were nothing more than mediocre, which after what happened Sunday, it probably a fair assessment.

Shockingly, Owens isn't terribly impressed with Johnson or Smith. According to the Dallas Morning News' Tim MacMahon, T.O. says he doesn't watch ESPN, but he has plenty to say about two of its NFL analysts who formerly played for the Cowboys. (And the media didn't even have to ask him -- he just starting taking shots!)
"Those two need their own show - Dumb and Dumber," said T.O., who was otherwise jolly while sporting a Cowboys-customized Santa cap and blinking red nose.

T.O. called Emmitt a hypocrite for publicly calling the Cowboys a bunch of individual[s], then leaving a message on Greg Ellis' cell phone to pass onto the team. (T.O. wouldn't say what the message was.) T.O. also pointed out that Emmitt doesn't even know the name of the rookie running back who starred against the Steelers, since No. 22 apparently referred to Tashard Choice as Rashard.

As for Keyshawn, T.O. pointed out for the 1,348th time that the Cowboys gave Keyshawn a pink slip so they could sign him.

"Obviously, this guy is still really jealous of me," T.O. said, "because I'm here and this guy is in the booth talking about me and the Cowboys."
First, I have no idea who's Lloyd and who's Harry here (and I'm not sure it really matters), Second, given Smith's knack for debacling the English language, I think we have to assume he knows Tashard Choice if for no other reason that he was only off by one letter. That's close enough for government work and Emmitt Smith. Third, yes, Owens has mentioned it a time or 50 that he was the reason Johnson got run out of Dallas, although Keyshawn disagrees.

(By the way, isn't it infinitely more embarrassing to get cut for Dwayne Jarrett, which is why Johnson and the Panthers parted ways? I say yes, in a landslide.)

Despite their differences, I certainly hope Owens would share his acting secrets with Keyshawn and Emmitt should this whole "Dumb and Dumber" idea take off. It's all about giving back, after all.
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