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Keyshawn Johnson Says He Doesn't 'Trust Jake Delhomme'

Dec 21, 2008 – 1:30 PM
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Will Brinson

Will Brinson %BloggerTitle%

Keyshawn Johnson says a lot of things that are relatively unimportant. But as far as ESPN Sunday morning analysts go, he's not that bad. Still, it's probably a bit aggressive to dog Jake Delhomme the way he did this morning, considering that he was on the Panthers for all of, oh, one year.
I don't trust Jake [Delhomme]. I've played with him. He's a good guy and everything, but in this situation he'll try to do too much if they put the ball in his hands, try to throw hand grenades like in Green Bay.
Well, obviously Key missed that whole "Smash and Dash" thing -- you know, where the Panthers run the ball about 40 times to wear the defense down and let Jake do his thing on third down if he has to, while picking spots to hit Steve Smith downfield.

Additionally, it's not like Jake hasn't taken a Panthers team to the Super Bowl or performed at an All-Pro level -- he has. And to further the point, if the Panthers put the ball in Jake's hand tonight, well, that's just plain stupidity on the coaching staff's part; the plan, as far as anyone should be concerned, is nothing more than a heavy dose of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart.
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