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Bill Cowher Signs Contract for Next Season ... With CBS

Jan 2, 2009 – 4:45 PM
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Ryan Wilson

Ryan Wilson %BloggerTitle%

The answer, invariably, is Bill Cowher. Whenever fans or media talk about the perfect fit as Team X's head coach, Cowher's name comes up. Every time. Redskins? Replace Zorn with Cowher. Browns? Hire Cowher and hope Crennel just figures it out. Lions, Jets, Cowboys, Panthers, Broncos -- basically any organization that might be contemplating a coaching change today or at some point in the next decade -- Cowher's the man for the job.

Well, as Mr. Chin has stated previously, he's not coming back in 2009. And if you don't take the man at his word, how about a contract stating as much. Via the Dallas Morning News' Barry Horn:
But now comes word that [Cowher] has decided not to interview for the Jets job or the Browns job. It looks like he isn't in the Cowboys non-mix, either. The Cowboys, you may have heard, are sticking with Wade Phillips. Imagine this headline: "Coach Cowher not interviewing for non-vacant Cowboys coaching job." Wow, sports journalism is sure changing.

And to top it all off, CBS and Cowher have agreed to a contract extension that will keep him the network's pre-game studio for another year.
So there you go: Cowher would rather spend his weekends during the football season with James, Dan, Shannon and Boomer. And it's not like there aren't good head-coaching gigs available, just that he apparently enjoys low-stress, part-time television work over the 24/7 world of the NFL.

That's right, Teevee Cowher is warm, fuzzy, and eminently relatable. Shocking, yes.
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