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CBS Sports' Tim Brando Wins Radio Shouting Match Against Auburn Fan

Jan 9, 2009 – 4:06 PM
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Brian Grummell

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No, this doesn't excuse his um, hair or his annoyingly unrepentant SEC honkery, but it's still worth a few pennies of awesome. Tim Brando was the guest of Alabama's legendary pot-stirrer Paul Finebaum's radio program recently, discussing Auburn football before taking a few calls.

This being an Alabama radio program, someone was inevitably offended about something or other and went after Brando asking how much football he'd coached. That bee went straight to Brando's bonnet and what we're left with is radio goodness. A sampling of his ALL CAPS anger:
"No you shut the hell up. You listen to me! Ok? I'm the guest on this show. You listen to me for a second! I could care less about you!"
Audio clip of the exchange after the jump.

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