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Giants Fans Destroy Porsche, Toyota Truck After Eagles Loss

Jan 13, 2009 – 9:32 AM
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Shane Bacon

Shane Bacon %BloggerTitle%

Everybody acts a little differently after drinking, we can all agree on that. Some people get quieter, others a lot louder and. Usually, an entirely different person can be found beneath all those layers of an alcoholic onion. What do most drunks avoid, however?

Yep, you guessed it, destroying property. Yet that didn't stop some drunk Giants fans from beating up two vehicles after their team got smoked (smoked!) by a divisional opponent in the playoffs. Another video lies after the jump.

I have never worked in law enforcement, but I am fairly certain that you can get arrested just by being identified on a video of the act. I think that is why gas stations and parking lots and such have video cameras. Wacky, I know. But yeah, it gets better.

Not only are these people complete idiots, but they actually have a discussion -- while Mr. Agility over there tries to kick out the window -- about what the perfect name for the video might be.

While I hardly consider myself a headline expert, maybe "$10,000 fine and My First Community Service Opportunity" would do. Just a thought.

Stay classy, NY Giants fans.

Update: As some of you have probably seen, the car(s) were damaged by a fire earlier, because the owner parked on a fire or something. Note to owner: When parking your Porche, try to avoid a fire or grill that is on fire. Just a suggestion.
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