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Jamelle Horne Might Have the Lowest Basketball IQ Ever

Jan 17, 2009 – 11:00 PM
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Shane Bacon

Shane Bacon %BloggerTitle%

What is that saying? You know, the one about fooling people? Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me?

Saturday night, I was sitting on the couch with my roommate, a fellow Arizona Wildcat, watching our "team" play Southern California in Los Angeles. Thursday night the Wildcats couldn't cover a 20-point spread against UCLA, a game that was so one-sided I actually told a friend, "If Arizona played UCLA 20 straight games, we'd lose by double digits in all of them." Goliath, meet David without the slingshot.

The USC tilt wasn't that exciting, but towards the end, the Wildcats were hanging in there and even leading with less than a minute left. What is that you hear? Yep, it's Jamelle Horne music.

I know nothing about the guy. He might be the nicest kid of all time, doing charity work and helping teachers clear the marker boards after class and feeding blind kids. He looks like a nice enough kid, but this is sports, and Tucson is a basketball city. Well, it was a basketball city.

As you may remember, it was Horne who came through with one of the most boneheaded plays ever earlier in the season when he inexplicably fouled a UAB player with .8 seconds left at half-court when the game was tied. Lightning struck Horne again on Saturday.

With the game tied, Arizona had the ball with 14 seconds left. My roommate Andrew said something to the tune of, "Nice, we might have a chance to win." He's positive. I am not.

Nic Wise threw the ball out of bounds, the Trojans got the ball back with just over three seconds left in regulation and as one of the USC players drove at half-court with the seconds dwindling, Horne fouled him. Out of position, out of time, out of his mind.

I have lived with the pains of the Arizona Wildcats football team. My entire collegiate career the team was four streets south of awful. It was a truth we 'Zona Zoo members were used to. But this is basketball. We are supposed to be good at this. It is supposed to be our staple.

I was planning on writing a story about how the Wildcats were going to miss the Big Dance this year because they can't win on the road and, frankly, they aren't that talented. I was going to talk about the streak breaking and all the Lute Olson business and how the Wildcats have basically become a bird flown into an engine.

This trumped it all.

I promise one thing. If Horne is anywhere near the court in another tie game, I'm going to calmly turn the television off, walk quietly in my room, and start a fire with all my Wildcat gear. You think Arizona is hot? You ain't seen nothing yet.
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