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Colts' Ron Meeks Resigns Under Fire

Jan 20, 2009 – 4:39 PM
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Matt Snyder

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Ron Meeks has served as the Colts' defensive coordinator since 2002. Despite having a largely inconsistent defense -- especially run defense -- over most of that time, he's still been held in quite a high esteem when it came to getting sniffs for potential head coaching positions. In fact, the Jets, for one, were interested earlier this year.

Under rampant speculation, and a report from ProFootballTalk, that Meeks was about to be fired from his post by newly appointed head coach, Jim Caldwell, Meeks stepped down Tuesday.

Caldwell recently also let the special teams coach, Russ Purnell, loose, so he's certainly putting his personal stamp on this team. On one hand, he's been preparing for the job over the past season, so he was obviously evaluating the entire staff. It's definitely his right to make changes where he sees fit. He's the new boss.

On the other hand, the Colts' brass stressed continuity in coaching, which is one of the reasons they didn't seem to have much problem handing over such an accomplished team to a guy with no head coaching experience in the NFL -- and a largely unsuccessful experience in the collegiate ranks.

I don't think his efforts have been over-zealous just yet, considering the Colts' special teams have been sub-par for a long time. The defense, again, has not exactly been a huge strength during this run of consecutive 12-win seasons. Caldwell did retain Tom Moore as the offensive coordinator, and he promoted Frank Reich to replace himself as the quarterback coach, so it seems as though he's not gutting the entire staff.

Still, the staff is going to look much different for a team who isn't used to much change from year-to-year, whether it be coaching personnel or victories. Caldwell needs the latter to remain unchanged, otherwise there will be a huge target on his back in Indianapolis.

As for Meeks, considering he's been mentioned in head coaching searches and there are a few defensive coordinator jobs up for grabs, he should be able to find work in due time.
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